Facebook Ads


Determining how to spend your advertising budget is a challenging task for most businesses.  If you’ve already got a high converting website in place, consider Facebook Ads.

Chances are, your ideal customer is on Facebook.  Are you taking advantage of the opportunity to capture their business?  If you’re not, you should be.

Facebook is a social media powerhouse with more than 1.79 billion monthly active users.  1.2 billion users log on daily for at least 20 minutes, with the highest traffic occurring mid-week between 1- 3 PM.

With thousands of businesses joining daily, it’s the next largest advertising platform behind Google AdWords.  However, there’s a big advantage.

Unlike Google ads, Facebook advertising is still relatively new, which means 2 things:

  1. The cost of running Facebook ads is as low as it will ever be, right now
  2. Businesses using the platform *correctly* have a competitive advantage over those that don’t

Why Use Facebook Ads?

1.  Your Ideal Customer Is On Facebook


If Facebook were a country, it would be larger than the United States, Europe, and South America combined, with over 1.79 billion users.  It’s safe to say that your customers are on Facebook.  You just need to know how to market to them through this medium.

2.  Facebook’s Targeting Functionality Is Superb

Facebook’s demographic targeting capability is next level.  Create custom audiences and target users based on any combination of elements such as location, age, gender, workplace, educational level, relationship status, interests, and more.

Want to target everyone in New York City within a 13 mile radius between ages 27 and 36?  Easy.


Want to target winter seasonal shoppers who spend above average and like Macy’s?  Add it to the targeting.


If you can identify the profile of your ideal customer, you can refine the ad targeting to an exceptionally accurate level.  The only customers you can’t reach (for now) are those living in countries with strict censorship and an active ban on Facebook, such as China, North Korea, and Iran.

3.  Remarketing Is Easy

Remarketing is an advanced method of customer targeting that displays ads to people that have visited your website or interacted with your business online before.  It’s the most effective way of increasing your business, boasting ad engagement rates 3 times higher than normal.

Source: Sprout Social

4.  Facebook Ads Are Affordable

Facebook ads start at $1 per day with the ability to reach 4,000 people.  Talk about a big return on investment.  To put this in perspective, if you were to run a Google Ad, $1 would disappear with the first click.  If you decided to run an ad on TV, the price would have been 100 times more expensive.  Our recommendation is to use the ads while they’re still cheap.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

5.  Visual Ads Are Incredibly Effective

Visual is almost always better.  If you watched a movie and read a book, which one do you think you’d recall more easily?  Probably the movie, and there’s good reason.  The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than written words.  Create an ad that’s attractive and catches the eye, and your click-through-rate will go through the roof.


Start Using Facebook Ads Today

Facebook ads have been around for a couple years now, but they remain a relatively untapped source of quality leads for many businesses.

Everett Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation Theory states that the people who make the most money are the ones who identify and take advantage of trends ahead of the masses.  Fair warning – this is the next trend.

As more businesses identify this shift and join in, Facebook’s advertising platform will become saturated and fees will increase.

If you were thinking about using Facebook ads for your business, the best time is right now.  Click the button below for professional Facebook ads management.