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Real estate lead generation has never been more important.

There are more than 2.5 million real estate agents and brokers in the United States.  Talk about a serious amount of competition to contend with.

But, why are there so many?

The public perception of real estate is backwards.  Many people see an easy job field that anyone can do and make good money.  This couldn’t be more untrue.

Very few realtors make big money.

And when they do, people see the nice cars, nice clothes, and big homes, but what they don’t see is all the work that goes on behind the scenes to create that success.

The #1 question on every real estate agent’s mind is where will the next lead come from?

How to Generate Buyer or Seller Home Leads

Some agents spend countless hours each week generating leads, whether it’s attending networking events, posting advertisements, engaging on social media, or cold calling.

This past year, the Internet resulted in more home sales than any other medium.

best real estate lead sources

That 44% is almost entirely paid lead generation services and online advertising.

And, it makes sense.  Anytime people want something, where do they go?  9 times out of 10 it’s Google.

The realtors who’ve done their homework know this and spend thousands of dollars each year working with lead generation companies because it’s a more effective use of their time.

Why spend hours prospecting when professional real estate lead generation companies can do it for you with search engine optimization or pay per click advertising?

Consider the simple search homes for sale nyc.

homes for sale search results

Google’s first 4 results are paid ads, and the rest of page 1 are large companies like Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia, with nearly unlimited resources.

That’s your competition.

Can they be beat with solid SEO?  Sure, but it won’t be cheap.

What about using Google AdWords to get real estate leads?

It works well, but it can get very expensive if it’s not done correctly.  Every single click costs you money, whether or not people buy what you’re selling.

The best method of generating real estate leads online is Facebook Advertising.


3 reasons:

1.  Your customers are on it.

Every month, nearly 1.8 billion people use Facebook, and the average time spent on it is 20 minutes.

Home buyers and sellers are on Facebook.  It’s time to market your business to them.

2.  It’s currently underutilized.

Every form of advertising is subject to the laws of supply and demand.

As more advertisers begin to use a certain medium, that medium’s price increases.  Google Ads are a great example of this.

For now, Facebook Ads remain a relatively untapped resource.

Although, thousands of businesses are signing up for Facebook daily, the majority don’t use Facebook advertising or have no idea how to use it effectively.

This presents a huge opportunity.

Have you ever heard the quote “the early bird gets the worm”?  Your business is begging to be the early bird this time.

3.  It’s got the biggest ROI of any form of advertising right now.

facebook ad real estate leads
Source: Content Marketing Institute

There is no other means of advertising where you can reach 1,000 people for an average cost of 25 cents.

Professionally targeted Facebook Ads are simply one of the best real estate leads sources available.

Digifly Marketing specializes in Facebook Advertising for Real Estate Agents.

We’ve created hundreds of custom campaigns in cities all over the United States for both residential and commercial properties.

You don’t need lead generation software.  You need an experienced partner, who can work with you to target the types of customers you’re looking for.

You want quantity and quality.

Whether you need buyer leads or seller leads, we can help.  We even handle b2b lead generation.

Look at the population reach and social activity on a few of our recent ads:





Look closely at the pictures.  In just a few days, these ads reached more than 10,000 people each.  How’s that for a return on investment.

We create campaigns from start to finish with lead capture funnels that deliver all the key information about your prospects directly to you.

Here’s what the email inbox looked like from just 3 clients in under a month:


That’s 415 prospects looking to buy a home and some also looking to sell.  Needless to say, our clients were excited.

We’ve tested our real estate ads in 9 different countries over 3 years.  They are very effective, regardless of location.

Check out some of the feedback from our private client Facebook group:

Please note that all personally identifying information has been removed to protect client privacy.





Generating home buyer and seller leads doesn’t have to be challenging or time consuming.  Leverage your time by working with our team.

We’ll get you the leads, you close them.

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