Albany Search Engine Optimization

With heavy competition across nearly every niche and a population of 92,000 people, Albany search engine optimization has never been more important.  The competitive landscape is changing, and business owners of all sizes will be forced to adapt to remain viable.

In the past, small business owners could exist almost entirely on referrals.  They might pay for an ad in the paper or on the radio, or they might buy some flyers to hand out, but these methods of promotion are rapidly diminishing in value with the fast pace of Internet growth.

As more and more people hire search engine optimization companies to improve their digital marketing efforts, it will become increasingly challenging to generate sales without SEO.  As a colleague of ours puts it, “if you’re not dot com, you’re going to be dot gone.”

The practice of SEO has been around for years, so hopefully you’ve heard of it.  Right now, it’s the best way for a business to brand itself as the industry leader and maximize its online presence.

Below are the 7 key benefits of SEO:

More Traffic

Solid SEO gets you higher website rankings, which leads to large, sustainable increases in organic traffic.  Studies have shown that 75% of all clicks go to the businesses on page 1 of Google.  In contrast, only 4% of clicks make it to page 2.  Think about it logically – why would someone go to page 2 of the search results when they have 10 businesses to choose from on page 1?  They wouldn’t.

More of the Customers You Want

Don’t you get sick of tire kickers who call every company under the sun looking for the cheapest quote?  They don’t care about quality; they’re only worried about their wallets.  Luckily, companies with top website rankings in Google don’t have to worry about this because tire kickers naturally diminish with improved search rankings.

Better Brand Awareness and Increased Credibility

Perception is reality, and the business who shows up at the top is perceived to be the best in their market.  Customers naturally associate the top company with the search terms they entered to find you.  As a result, your business become more memorable and more credible.  In addition, many customers will call in and request your services or products without ever shopping around, making your life easier.

Measurable Return

SEO companies can provide measurable metrics, such as web rankings, clicks, traffic numbers, and conversions to show you the return on investment for their services.  Furthermore, the companies can dive deeper into your website to uncover key demographic data on your customers through detailed analytics.  This intelligent data allows agencies to continue tweaking and improving your marketing efforts as time goes on.

Cost Effective

SEO is an investment that targets the customers who already want what you have and convinces them to come to you.  When a customer seeks you out first, as opposed to you reaching out to them, you’re chances of making a sale double.  Additionally, Google ads can be a nuisance and a visual eyesore; companies who rank organically avoid annoying their customers.

Moving Ahead of Your Competitors

Your greatest competitors already have SEO in place.  That’s why their website ranks higher than yours for the best keywords in your local niche.  The only way to compete effectively is to outdo them online, and you’ll need professional guidance to do that.  Out of 100 searches, 75 of them go to businesses on page 1 and 4 of them go to businesses on page 2.  What page would you rather be on?

Improved User Experience

If you’re website is easy to navigate, customers buy from you more often; study after study has proven this.  In addition to helping potential customers find what they want more easily, improving your website’s structure gives you a boost in Google’s search results as well.

Choosing the Right Company

With so many companies to choose from, it can be hard to identify the best path to take.  Follow the below steps to choose the best search engine optimization company for your needs:

Determine Your Needs First

Your priority is to decide what you need.  What are your goals?  How many more sales?  How quickly do you want to get there?  If you can’t decide what you need, no SEO company can help you.  You must be able to share your vision of what you’re looking to achieve before anyone can help you get there.

Contact the Best

It’s smart to do your homework.  Reach out to the top companies and share your vision of what you’re looking to accomplish.  Ask them about their process and how they go about their work.  Every company does things a little differently.  You’re looking for the person who best resonates with your way of doing business.

Review Case Studies

You’re looking to identify a company that can help you take your business to the next level.  Ask for examples of their previous work.  Some companies list client results on their website, which makes your life easier.  Note that while a company may have worked with hundreds of businesses, not many businesses want their information shared as a testimonial even if they had a great result.

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