Buffalo Search Engine Optimization

Over the past 5 years, the digital landscape has changed dramatically, making Buffalo Search Engine Optimization the only way to remain competitive.  With more than 3.4 billion Google searches every day, it’s easy to see why companies want to be at the top of the search results; there’s tons of business up for grabs if your company has a strong online presence.

The only way to acquire a large part of the market share for your product or service is quality search engine optimization.

With any amount of luck, you’ve heard of SEO and the countless advantages of having a strategy in place for your online marketing.  It’s the difference between taking over a market and just living there.

Below are the major benefits of SEO:

More Traffic to Your Website

It’s a numbers game.  There are thousands of people searching for your specific product or service.  When you’re at the top of the search results, more people see you and you make more sales.  How many more?  A lot.

Page 1 of the search results gets 75% of all traffic, while page 2 only gets 4%.  Top SEO rankings can mean 3 to 4 times more business for your company.

More of Your Ideal Customer

No more tire kickers.  The people who shop around for the lowest prices don’t tend to call the industry leaders because they know the top companies charge a premium for their products and services.  You get less calls from tire kickers and more calls from customers who are ready to buy.

Furthermore, SEO can target customers at a more granular level if you have a specific type of buyer you’re looking for.  So, you weed out the people who waste your time and spend more of it closing your ideal clients, which makes you more money.

Increased Credibility and Brand Awareness

Being one of the top companies in your local niche market gives the perception that you’re one of the best, which boosts your credibility.  Consider the last time you searched for a service online – did you choose a company from the first page? Or did you scroll a few pages back in the search results?

Studies have shown that most people never make it past page 1 because they already have 10 quality businesses to choose from.  Beyond improve credibility, high web rankings improve brand name recall.  Customers associate your brand with the keywords they’re searching for when your company keeps showing up over and over.  This leads to more sales in both the short and long term.

Impressive ROI

Consultants and SEO companies can track countless metrics to show you the powerful effect of their marketing services.  With quality SEO, the return on investment is never anything short of fantastic.  You can see the rankings of your website, traffic levels, conversions and more.

Comprehensive analytics allow agencies to drill down even deeper into the data to uncover key demographic information that can be used to more effectively target your ideal customers and improve your online marketing strategy.

Cost Effective

Which customer is easier to close – the one you find or the one that finds you?  SEO is used to move your business into the spotlight.  From that position, customers come to you first, which vastly improves the number of sales you close.  It also tends to be more cost effective than advertising.  Ads are typically perceived as an annoyance, but organic rankings are not because people seek them out.

Jump (or Stay) Ahead of the Game

The leading companies in your market currently have an SEO strategy; it’s ballooning their annual sales as we speak.  SEO leads to higher rankings, translating to more business.  If you don’t have it, remember that you’re competing against companies who do, and it’s a serious advantage.

For every 1000 customer searches, 750 go to Google’s first page.  Only 40 go to page 2.  You need to choose where you want to be and then make the business investment to get there.

Better User Experience

When the user can easily navigate from one product or service to the next, they buy from you more often.  Also, websites that have a simple architecture get a traffic bump in Google because they see that you are making a conscious effort to provide the user with a better experience.  This is a big a win-win.

How to Choose the Right Company

The number of SEO companies in Buffalo has increased rapidly to the point of market saturation.  Ever company has its strong suit, so while there isn’t one agency that’s the “best” at everything, here are some tips to find the best SEO firm for your needs.

Set Your Goals

Decide what you want to achieve as a company.  If you haven’t set any goals, you won’t be able to effectively communicate your vision to an SEO agency, and they won’t be able to help you.  In that instance, failure would be your fault.

Identify your ideal customer, the cities you want target, your sales goals, and then share it.  Concrete goals can then be translated into an internet marketing plan that works for you.

Reach Out to the Leaders

Contact a few of the leading companies in Buffalo and discuss your needs in detail.  Don’t be afraid to ask them what they do and how they can help you.  Each firm handles things in a different way, so their processes will vary.

Check for Case Studies

You want to work with the company that can get you results, and if they’ve gotten results for their clients before, they may have a few examples of it.  Ask them if they have some screenshots of rankings from existing clients or a case study you can review.  It doesn’t even have to be an example from the same niche because while the SEO process may vary, it always has the same key elements.  However, keep in mind that not all clients (or companies) will share testimonials due to privacy concerns.

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