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NYC SEO Services

Most business owners believe that buying an expensive website will get them traffic, but there’s much more to it.  The reason just having a website online doesn’t generate calls is that you’re competing against hundreds of other companies in your area.

Search engines give high rankings to websites that provide users with a good experience and plenty of helpful information.  If your website isn’t moving up in the search results, you need an SEO company in New York City to help.  For cutting edge digital marketing solutions, you need Digifly Marketing.

Using the latest techniques and industry leading methods, our team maximizes your brand recognition to get you results fast.  Contact us now to start growing your business.

How We Get It Done

Improving website rankings is not fast or simple.  It’s a complicated process that requires hours of intensive research and work.  And the job isn’t done when your website is ranked.  There’s continuous work to maintain your position.

Keyword Research

We research the local market and your competitors to determine the ideal keywords to rank your website for.

Onpage Optimization

We make tweaks and changes to your improve your website’s speed, performance, and content so it ranks higher.

Link Building

We identify all the best websites in your market and get them to link to you.

Tracking Progress

We provide a ranking report each month to show your website’s progress as we move it higher.

Running a business can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging to continuously generate new customers.  As the most reliable SEO company in New York City and its 5 boroughs, we work hard to help local business owners grow their revenue.

Using the latest in proven search engine optimization techniques, we continue to provide small business marketing that stands apart from the crowd.  If you’re looking for a comprehensive online advertising solution, you can stop searching because you’ve stumbled across the most skilled team around.

We are the SEO company New York City businesses look to for results when other agencies have failed.  Business owners in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island know that we can improve your search engine rankings through:

  • Intensive keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Premium link building
  • Customer conversion tracking
  • Heat map analyses
  • And other SEO fixes

Regardless of your industry, our SEO service will move your website up in the search engine rankings and get you the visibility you deserve.

Keyword Research

With an abundance of free keyword research tools available, business owners fall prey to the same trap – choosing search terms simply based on what has the highest search volume.  When hundreds of companies choose the same keywords, you get buried in the search results because you don’t stand out in the eyes of the search engine.  Choosing the right keywords could be the difference between dominating the search results and just being another company on a list somewhere that gets no traffic.

Our experts use professional tools to dig into the search results and your competitors’ websites to figure out the best keywords for you to rank for.  Once we identify these golden opportunities, we make updates to your website and change around the content to target them.  Optimal keyword targeting and freshly written content provides your website with a much needed boost.  This makes it easy for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and the search engines reward your website with higher rankings.

Don’t choose random keywords based on what your competition is doing.  Get professional keyword research done so you can improve your website rankings faster.

On-page Enhancement

If you expect to get traffic to your website, it is no longer good enough to simply toss up a brief description of your business and a list of services on the homepage.  Each service needs a page of information.  And, every page of the website needs a healthy amount of content, specifically targeted toward a different group keywords.  All content should be formatted in a way that’s clean and easily digestible by the average user.

Onpage optimization may include:

  • Technical changes to improve server speed and page load times
  • Source code updates to make the website easier to index
  • Content changes to headings, titles tags, meta descriptions, images, videos, and text
  • URL structure updates
  • Canonical tag implementation to avoid duplicate content
  • Internal linking changes to improve navigation and help multiple pages rank better

We review and update each page to ensure that they perform optimally.

Link Building

In combination with other factors, search engine use links to decide where a site should show up in the search results.  High quality backlinks that point to your website indicate to Google that you’re important and have information that’s useful to users.

We search through the websites of your competitors and all industry leaders to identify the highest quality links we can find for your company.  In doing so, you begin to show up at the top of the search results more and more often for valuable keywords.

In the past decade, hyperlinks have been heavily misused in order to game the system.  If the search engines see anything that indicates misuse, even if unintentional, your website rankings will plummet.  Leave the link building to our team of professionals so we can make sure you get the exposure and results you need.

Progress Reports & Tracking

Shortly after signing on with us, you’ll be granted access to your website’s search console, which houses all of the SEO metrics and key performance indicators. You can access it any time to check on your site’s performance.  In addition, once a month, we’ll send you a rank report which shows the progress of all target keywords.  While individuals rankings tend to fluctuate, they will trend upwards overall.

The process you’re about to embark on is not something that happens overnight, so don’t expect instant phone calls.  Rather, look for continuous progress as keyword rankings improve.  Some methods will prove useful, while others will need to modified along the way.  But, the longer we work, the better off your website will be.  If you’re looking to acquire more customers from the Internet, you need Digifly Marketing now.

How Digital Marketing Solutions Help Local Business

Increased Targeted Traffic

We can deliver top website rankings, which leads to significant increases in organic traffic.

Think about it from the customer perspective.  If you do a search, what company would you go with – someone from the page 1 results or someone 3 pages back?

Page 1 of Google gets 75% of all traffic from any given search because people naturally perceive the companies at the top to be better than the rest.  Use this to your advantage.  Many people will call you without contacting any other companies because you’ve weeded out the tire kickers.

Increased Brand Awareness & Credibility

Google is king.  And with the top position, your website gets maximum exposure, which causes people to associate your brand with the searches they typed in.  That translates to more sales in both the short term and long term because your brand’s name recall has dramatically improved.  Furthermore, businesses at the top of the search results are perceived as more credible.  You become the go-to business.

Measurable Return on Investment

We provide results that you can see and track, leaving you with no question as to whether it’s working for you and what the ROI is.  Rankings, traffic levels, conversions, and sales can all be quantified.

Regardless of your market, we can drill down into the detail, allowing you to see demographic information and how people interact with your website; you can even see exactly what someone searched to find you.  That kind of data intelligence allows for customized strategies and even better performance moving forward.

Highly Cost Effective

Conversions are always higher when customers come to you.  SEO targets customers who are actively looking for your products and services.

Consider what company you would hire – the one that cold-calls you or the one that’s sitting at the top of the search results on every search you type in.

It’s also more cost effective than paying for ads; studies have shown that conversions are higher when people seek you out.

Your Top Competitors Are Doing It

There is no question that your top competitors have a marketing strategy in place; it’s the reason they rank higher than you for the keywords that matter.

The Internet is not going anywhere, so it’s time to adapt.  Every page of search results has 10 businesses on it.  The first page gets 75% of the searches.  Page 2 gets 4%.  That’s the difference between owning the market and fighting for scraps.

Better Website Usability

The easier your site is to navigate, the more sales you make.  SEO agencies improve your website architecture to ensure that customers can find what they need easily within a few clicks.  As a side benefit, Google pushes your site higher in the search results because of the great user experience you’ve created for your customers.

If you want to grow your business, don’t wait another day – call us now and let’s talk about how to make it happen.